Frequently Asked Questions


1.) What are the benefits of getting my hair & makeup professionally done vs. doing it my myself?

Touching on a couple of the benefits of having your hair & makeup professionally done, the first benefit being photography. Having a professional color match your skin type for makeup is very important when being photographed with a HD camera, especially in natural daylight.  Flaws that aren’t visible to the naked eye can be highly visible in natural daylight with an HD camera. Also, you want you to be sure that your face is contoured & highlighted correctly to be sure that you have dimension to your face rather than being completely one color. A professional will understand your skin type, tone texture and the proper product to be used to achieve the long-wearing flawless look you so desire. The same concept will apply to having your hair professionally done. A pro will understand your hair type and texture to deliver a style that will last all night in the Florida humidity.


2.) Do you come onsite?

Yes, I do come onsite with a travel fee of $25 in Destin, $50 for surrounding areas.

3.) What should I do to prepare for hair & makeup?

Please be sure not to wash your hair the night before or the morning of your wedding. I understand under certain circumstances this is not an option, but please do your best to instruct your bridesmaids or family & friends to have dirty hair for the stylist. As for your skin, please have freshly washed & moisturized skin to prep for your makeup application.

4.) Do you provide bobby pins, hair ties, makeup & lashes?

Yes, we do provide all the necessary items to style your hair and apply your makeup. We don't provide decorative hair accessories such as; hair jewels, crowns or hair pieces.

5.) Will my hair & makeup last all day?

We strive to provide the best techniques & products we can to ensure that your hair & makeup will last throughout your ceremony and the night. We can't guarantee that under inclement weather that it will last as long as it normally would.

6.) Do you provide makeup for purchase?

Unfortunately, we do not offer makeup to purchase at this time, but we would be happy to provide knowledge of what products will be best for touchups.

7.) What time would be best to begin our requested services?

Once we have discussed the time of your ceremony, your location & your number of requested services we will decide the appropriate time frame to begin services.

8.) What time does the Bride begin hair & makeup?

Normally, we prefer the Bride to start hair & makeup services somewhere in between her family & friends. This will ensure the longevity of her style & makeup and that she will be done in time for pre-ceremony photos (if need be) and time to get in her dress.

9.) Do you provide a trial?

Yes, we definitely recommend a trial especially for the Bride. This will give us the opportunity to become aware of your wants & needs for your special day. Though it is not necessary it is recommended.

10.) If I can't do a trial, what is the best option?

We understand that most of our brides can't make it to town for a trial before the big day! The best option is to email a list of your concerns & photos of some ideas you have for your hair & makeup. Also, providing ensight to your hair type, hair length, skin type & skin tone really helps us to assess what we will be working with before the big day arrives. Feel free to email us a photo of yourself as well.

11.) Can you apply clip-in extensions?

Yes, we can definitely apply extensions. We do charge extra for this, as it does add more time to the desired style.

12.) What is the difference between airbrush & HD foundation?

The main difference between these 2 foundations is the application method. The airbrush foundation is applied using an aircompressor. It is very thin in consistency and almost feels like water being applied. The HD foundation is a little thicker in consistency and is applied using a brush. Both of these foundations have great lasting power and photograph very well. When it comes to choosing which foundation, I almost always recommend airbrush. It comes down to personal preference and what you are most comfortable with, either foundation is a good choice.

13.) How long does it take per makeup application?

The makeup application can take anywhere from 25-45 minutes, depending on the complexity of the makeup look you decide on.

14.) How long does it take per updo/style?

Each hair style can vary due to hair type, length and style. It can take anywhere between 20-45 minutes. We do our best to get the style or updo perfect for you & your hair type.

15.) Will you stick around for hair & makeup touch ups after the ceremony?

We can provide additional services after your ceremony if there is 3 or more individuals requesting this service. There is also an additional fee when we provide this service. This can be discussed in detail when the services are requested.

16.) I have oily skin, will my makeup last?

We use products geared toward your skin type and recommend you have freshly washed & moisturized skin to ensure that your makeup will last as long as possible.